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Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery

Triticale Whisky

Triticale Whisky

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Our multiple Gold Medal Award-winning Triticale Whisky is our flagship whisky of Monashee Spirits. Crafted with hyper-locally sourced grain from within 58 miles as a crow flies from the distillery, this whisky pays homage to its Scottish roots, where triticale, a cross between wheat and rye, originated in the 1800s. Its robust flavour profile, combining the sweetness of wheat with the spiciness of rye, is complemented by a rich array of secondary notes, including stewed fruits, vanilla, and festive spices reminiscent of your Grandmother's Christmas cake.

Appearance: Golden 

Nose: The aroma opens with an inviting sweetness, leading with caramels and transitioning to a spiced complexity. Notes of peppercorns and hints of coconut intertwine, suggesting a rich and varied profile.

Palate: The whisky unfolds with an initial sweet toasted wheat character, evolving into a spicy Canadian rye finish. The palate is greeted by an array of flavours, including peppercorns, rye bread, and stewed fruits. Cooked cherry jam and apricots add depth, while fresh scraped vanilla pods and caramel candied wafers provide a comforting warmth. The texture is notably oily and viscous, stimulating the palate with its richness.

Finish: This whisky concludes with a clean, long finish, leaving a lingering impression of its complex flavour profile.

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