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Exhibition: Jacqueline Palmer, Revelstoke B.C.

Exhibition Dates: May 4th - May 28th, 2023

Gallery Show Title: Ghost of the Caribou 

“Ghost of the Caribou is a tribute to the Mountain Caribou and the Ancient Forest of the world’s only Temperate Rainforest here in the vicinity of Revelstoke. Once described as being “as numerous as ants on the landscape”, the unique Mountain Caribou are rapidly approaching extinction.

Sometimes referred to as the “Gray Ghost”, it’s an elusive creature, feasting on lichen of the old growth forest in the valleys then migrating into the harsh desolate reaches of the mountains during winter, navigating deep high alpine snow where other animals do not normally venture. Mountain Caribou are very much out of sight and out of mind. This exhibit strives to bring them sharply back into focus.

The medium I’m working with is a contemporary ceramic material, I call clay-fusion, which incorporates 25% recycled paper into the clay body. The result is a product that is lighter, more resilient, shrinks less and enables shards of pottery to be incorporated into it.

Multiple layers of my signature ash glazes are integrated with wax resist paintings and the sculptured relief of caribou, trees, mountains, birds and other wildlife.”

 -Jacqueline Palmer, excerpt from artist statement 

Learn more about the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre and see the exhibition in person: and follow us on social media: @revelstoke_visualartscentre

 Find more of Jacqueline Palmer’s work on her website: and follow her on social media: @vistigepottery