Whisky Tasting Flight

1. Sons of Vancouver - Summer Road Trip Across the Midwest

Sons of Vancouver's "Summer Road Trip Across the Midwest" is a remarkable Canadian whisky with an ABV of 63.2%, inspired by classic Midwest-style rye. This 100% rye whisky, made with 27% pot distillate, captures the essence of American rye with punchy new oak, aromatic baking spices, and vanilla bean custard on the nose. A blend of 3 to 5-year whiskies, it delivers a rich palate of deep charred wood, brown sugar complexity, baked fruit crumble, cinnamon sticks, and Granny Smith caramel apples. The finish is long and memorable, featuring notes of new American oak, pencil shavings, and ground cloves. Awarded a Gold Medal at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2024, this whisky is sure to have you going in for another sip. You betcha.


2. Devine Distilling - Ancient Grains Whisky



Devine Distilling's Ancient Grains Whisky, awarded "Best Whisky Spirit of the Year" at the Canadian Whisky Awards 2024, is 2023's most awarded artisan spirit in the country, as recognized by the Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition. This 'Alternative Whisky' embodies a modern, new world spirit crafted using ancient grains and innovative techniques driven by the distiller's unique vision. Distilled from BC barley, spelt, emmer, khorasan, and einkorn—the ancestors of all modern grains—and matured in brand new American oak quarter-casks, this whisky offers an unparalleled tasting experience. On the nose, expect notes of candied fruit and macadamia nuts, while the palate reveals a harmonious blend of spicy clove, allspice, and a hint of smoke, making it one of the most unique whiskies you'll ever taste.
3. Stillhead Distilling - Sherry Cask finished Rye
Stillhead Distilling's Sherry Cask Finished Rye is a masterful blend with an 80% unmalted rye and 20% malted barley mash bill. This whisky, whose cask strength version won "Best Cask Strength Whisky of the Year," boasts a rich, full-bodied, and creamy profile. The palate is greeted with the warmth of stone fruits, followed by the distinctive spice of rye. The unique character of this whisky comes from blending three different Pedro Ximenez casks, resulting in 21 different blends over the course of a month to achieve the perfect balance. The final product is not only pleasing to the nose but also delivers an exceptional tasting experience with its harmonious complexity.
4. Dubh Glas Distilling - Green Alligators Single Malt Whisky 


Dubh Glas Distilling's Green Alligators Single Malt Whisky is a distinguished blend of two ex-bourbon barrels, enhancing the malted barley's caramel and vanilla notes with the sweetness of corn and richness of American oak. On the nose, this whisky reveals intriguing hints of red licorice, soft toffee, fresh mint, black cherry, and dark chocolate. The palate greets you with sweet caramel, dry oak, corn husk, and red fruits, leading to a medium-long finish. Dubh Glas Distilling's previous releases have garnered Gold medals at both the Canadian Whisky Awards and the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition, though they often sell out before the awards are announced. Could Green Alligators be their next Gold Medal winner?