Up amid the Monashee Mountains, in the town of Revelstoke BC, lives a small family ran distillery and cocktail bar with a passion for quality and community. We distill all our spirits by hand using local ingredients, sustainable methods and pure mountain spring water to bring a taste of the mountains to you wherever you are in the world.

Specializing in craft made bespoke cocktails and award winning spirits for you to imbibe. Our focus is on our small little community, collaboration, and sustainability in our craft. We are the spirit of Revelstoke and look forward to seeing you thru our doors one day soon.

Nothing connects us in this world and brings us together like alcohol. Nights spent at local bars and restaurants with friends, family and colleagues sharing stories, laughter and anecdotes of our lives with others over the warming drinks in our hands.

We raise our glasses at weddings to friends to salute them, we pop bottles to celebrate memorable moments in life, we pour a drink to the earth to pay respects for those not here with us but forever in our minds, we bring over a bottle to a dinner party, and we bond on the trails after playing in the mountains with a cold beer. Alcohol has connected us and created unbreakable bonds of friendship and love throughout the centuries. To that, we raise our glass.

This is why we want to bring something special, something unique, something sustainable, and something good to our friends and community. Monashee Spirits does not want to reinvent the alcoholic beverage, we want to embrace it for what it is and share not only the spirit, but the laughter, memories and good times that go along with it.

We want to create a product that will bring people together, that will link the small businesses and community in unity, so that no matter where you are in the world, when you pour a drink of our spirit you'll remember your time in our small town, and you'll smile.

Josh McLafferty
Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery Ltd