At the tasting bar at Monashee Craft Distillery

At the tasting bar at Monashee Craft Distillery

Revelstoke city council is supporting Monashee Spirits application for a lounge endorsement through the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. The endorsement would allow the craft distillery to provide an onsite cocktail service. Currently Monashee Spirits is only able to serve small samples as part of its manufacturing license.

Mayor Mark McKee asked about the maximum occupancy. The report presented to council showed a total of 42 persons on the main floor, but with the fire department recommending a maximum occupancy of 30 people.

Co-owner Josh McLafferty was present at the council meeting and was able to provide insight for the recommended occupancy load.

“We have a 42 person occupancy for the main floor but that includes staff in the back manufacturing area as well. The front section is just the tasting room now, that’s where the 30 person occupancy falls,” he said.

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