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Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #3 - Peats Ethos - Peated Cask aged Gin

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #3 - Peats Ethos - Peated Cask aged Gin

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From the heart of our distillery to your glass, experience the remarkable fusion of our signature Ethos Gin and the rich, smoky undertones of peated scotch. With each sip, allow the story of trepidation transform to resilience, hope, and innovation.

Peat's Ethos isn't just a drink; it's a testament to the spirit of endurance - it’s our Ethos to our community and ourselves. To the times we've been through and the brighter days ahead. This is a gin for whisky lovers.

Clear. Medium. Amber.

Clean. Medium+ intensity with aromas of fresh peat immediately evident. This is followed by hints of beachside wood fire BBQ lobster evoking a sensation of an ocean salt, charred pine, iodine and cloves. Diving deeper, the rich botanicals shine through, with predominant notes of juniper cones, complemented by menthol, smoke, and a refreshing citrus edge.

Dry. The palate shows a strong and well-integrated relationship between peat smoke and the botanicals. The primary taste is of juniper cones and district peat, which is then balanced with a cool sensation of menthol. As the palate evolves, there's a sense of seaweed and iodine, reminiscent of fresh winds off the ocean. Eucalyptus and the bright and zesty characters of lemon and orange oil and hidden notes of charred pine come forth, intertwined with earthy leathers, giving it multple layers of depth.

Medium+ body with a warm and oily viscosity. The texture is rich, igniting the taste buds, and offers an integrated palate, ensuring every flavor profile gets its moment to shine.

Very long. The finish is bold, warming, and draws you in, leaving a lingering sensation that beckons for another sip.

Concluding Remarks:
Peat's Ethos Gin is a harmonious blend of smoky peat and vivacious botanicals. Its multi-layered profile promises a journey for the senses, ensuring every sip is a step deeper into its intricate tale. The finish, warm and inviting, ensures that it’s a drink one will revisit, wanting to relive the experience.

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