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Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #2 - Resilience - High Rye Bourbon

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #2 - Resilience - High Rye Bourbon

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The second release in our series is Resilience, a high rye bourbon style whisky. 

"Resilience" captures this spirit of bouncing back, of turning a crisis into an opportunity, and of transforming a period of hardship into a testament of unwavering resolve and triumph. Every sip of this whiskey is intended to serve as a reminder of the resilience demonstrated during those challenging times.

46.6% abv. / vol. 
70% Corn - 15% Rye - 15% Malt 
New American Oak - Char #4

Nose: The inviting aroma opens with comforting notes of buttered corn, layered with rich caramel and smooth vanilla undertones. These notes are enhanced by the zesty hint of orange, bringing a vibrant freshness. Further complexities are added with scents of hearty rye bread, fragrant peppercorns and malt. The spiced warmth of Christmas baking spices and elusive traces of star anise combine harmoniously, followed by an earthy finish of wet tobacco.

Palate: A silky palate follows, leading with bright caramel and toffee intertwined with creamy vanilla custard. Integrated toasted rye bread topped with melted butter is perfectly balanced by the sweet, fruity notes of sticky apple strudel - more green apple than red. The journey on the palate continues to unfold, revealing sturdy oak and tar, spicy cloves, nostalgic hints of grandma's Christmas fruit cake, and whispers of freshly grated orange zest. Further layers while tasting reveal a touch of roasted walnuts and dried figs, adding to the overall richness.

Finish: This whiskey leaves a lasting impression with a long, lingering finish. It has an oily viscosity that coats the mouth with a luxuriously creamy texture, leaving a memory of enduring resilience and triumphant spirit.

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