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Monashee Spirits Craft Distillery

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #1 - Trepidation - Wheated Bourbon

WHISKY - Days of Darkness - Release #1 - Trepidation - Wheated Bourbon

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Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unveil "Trepidation" from the Days of Darkness Whisky Collection as Release #1 in the series - our wheated bourbon style whisky.

"Trepidation" represents our unwavering spirit and determination, forged in the crucible of adversity. It stands as a testament to our ability to weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever. With every sip, you are reminded of the triumph over uncertainty, the resilience that brought us through those dark days, and the promise of a brighter future.

46.2% abv. / vol. 
70% Corn - 10% Wheat - 20% Malt
New American Oak - Char #4

Nose: On the nose, this spirit unfolds a captivating array of aromas. Rich caramel and delicate vanilla wafers create a sweet and inviting foundation. A floral bouquet emerges, with notes of orange blossoms intertwining with hints of baking spices. The presence of green apples and cereal brings a fresh and vibrant character, while ripe yellow pears and dried apricots add depth and complexity.

Palate: The palate unveils candied corn and buttery popcorn providing an indulgent and nostalgic sweetness, accompanied by the familiar allure of caramel and vanilla. The introduction of fresh new leather adds a subtle earthy note, while roasted almonds and sweet almond oil contribute a nutty richness. As the whisky develops, a touch of tobacco leaf and Halloween caramel candies appear, adding layers of complexity and intrigue. The finish is long and satisfying, with a soft dried and lightly charred lemon peel lingering on the palate.

Finish: The finish is long-lasting and satisfying. As the flavours gradually subside, the lingering sweetness of vanilla and caramel lingers on the palate. A subtle spiciness emerges from the heavily charred oak barrels, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. The finish is smooth and well-rounded, leaving a pleasant and memorable impression.

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